Lover of heritage, history, community, and storytelling. Creative.

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God


These are but a few publications I have written for over the years.

Black Southern Belle
Cuisine Noir
Kindred by Parents
Smart Mouth
The Food Section
The Counter

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Public Historian

Researcher, Writer

2024 Center for Religion & Cities/Luce Foundation Fellow in Public Scholarship. Former adjunct teacher in the areas of African American Studies (Representation), Women Studies and Urban Studies.

Print Media
Journalist, Textbook Contributor

Freelance writer for independent press, organization publications and consumer trade publications on the topics of heritage and food history.

Visual Media
Researcher, Fact-checker, Writer

Independent researcher, writer and fact-checker for visual media. Worked on an Emmy-nominated Food Network digital program.

PR and Branding Specialist

Consultant to chefs, culinary personalities, educators and cottage food producers. Assist people in creating PR strategies.



She/Her/Your Highness

Where can you be found online?

X/Fb/IG @robinmcaldwell

X/Fb/IG @freshnfriedhard

Favorite childhood memories?

Using the garden hose to rinse off bushels of fresh produce for my great-grandma. Sitting on newspaper on the front porch with my cousins as a kid, devouring fresh fruit, especially watermelon. Dancing in the rain.

Do you follow recipes or wing it?


First cookbook?

Spoonbread & Strawberry Wine: Recipes and Reminiscences of a Family


The Introduction to Acrylic Painting course was fantastic for beginners like me. The step-by-step instructions and online format made learning easy and enjoyable.

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Ava Bennett

Watercolor for Beginners was a pleasant surprise. I learned valuable techniques quickly, and the convenience of online learning was a easy.

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Rose Mitchell

Drawing Foundations for Painting boosted my confidence. The instructors were patient, and the online format made it accessible and accessible.

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Daniel Bennett