I’m a passionate woman. And I love what I do.

As a consultant, I assist public-facing people make the connection between what they do, who they are and how to connect with an organic audience. I’ve assisted culinarians, book authors and content creators (and more), in simplifying their stories to the one thing that resonates with an audience without compromising their authenticity.

My other work includes, working with Black culinarians as a publicity strategist that develops pathways for sustainability as a public figure.

I also have experience as a university instructor, teaching courses like: Mass-mediated Images of African Americans, TV Criticism, and Women’s Studies. I have recently contributed a chapter, “Uncle Green Must Be Coming to Dinner” in a University of Illinois Press academic anthology on food and social media.

During the height of the pandemic, I worked as a consultant in a consortium of individuals assisting Black newspaper publishers enhance their advertising and marketing programs. My greatest contribution: Drawing attention to the power of food content.


For the past few years I have accumulated clippings in print and for digital that showcase my knowledge of food, food makers and food history as a writer, researcher and ‘expert.’ I’ve worked as a writer, food researcher and fact-checker for a Food Network Original Digital Series, “The Juneteenth Menu” (2021), which was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. I worked on a special project as a research consultant, University of California, Davis.

Meet me

Robin Caldwell


I love digging through records and creating genealogical timelines for my own family research.

I always ask two things of the living: Have you eaten and what? It brings me joy to query friends and family in a way that makes them feel more connected to kin and their personal histories, and family food histories.

I am the ‘engaging’ storyteller who loves to recount the crazy in my life and what I’ve witnessed, but I also love sharing what I learn in a way that is approachable, all stuffiness removed.